Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photo Challenge 2008 No. 1

Written by Arnie Aranjuez
Banner Image by Nick Olayao

A photo challenge is an on-the-spot photo contest, where the theme is only revealed prior to the start of the contest. It is under time pressure. Judging and announcement of winners are done right after. It was started two years ago and is done during the monthly meeting.

Framed Shots held its first photo challenge for this year last May 11, 2008.

Before the meeting, Nick Olayao, this year's photo contest committee chairman, tried to give clues as to what the contest theme is. However, no one was able to guess it correctly and so he revealed the contest theme and it was...Tears.

We were divided into 4 teams namely, white, red, blue and orange. Each team was given a piece of cloth whose color corresponds to the team name (i.e. white cloth for the white group, etc.).

The challenge was to interpret "tears" and at the same time, use the piece of cloth as an element in the photograph. This must be done within one hour time period. After an hour, individual entries and a group entry were to be submitted. No manipulation was allowed and all effects must be done in-camera.

Nick also gave each team eye drops, to simulate tears, for those who can not shed tears on their own, which was really difficult considering the fun-loving nature of the members of Framed Shots.

See below the output of each team.

And the winners are:

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