Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chasing Dragons

Chasing Dragons

By Raneil Antonio Ibay

Loud festive music fills the air as we walk the streets of Binondo. “Kung Hei Fat Choi!” a man greets us as we approach a store in Ongpin. It’s the year of the Metal Tiger, with a little luck we hope to capture its grand entrance. This is my first time to shoot the Chinese New Year in Binondo and its starting out with a bang.

Framed Shots Camera Club members Geo and George Esguerra, Mike Sabarre and friend Lee Viray Cahili, Jon Macalino and friends, Carrie Ong Tan Ka and Marge Ang, my wife Rosy and 2010 FSCC Vice Chairman Lea Ricolcol who organized the shoot, met at the plaza in front of Binondo Church last Saturday, Feb. 13 to shoot Chinese New Year celebrations.

Marge acted as our tour guide as we navigated through the streets of Binondo chasing violet and green dragons and occasionally taking shelter in the shops from the exploding fireworks. Carrie later joined us and also helped herd us through the streets crowded with revelers, vendors and shoppers.

Chancing upon a resting dragon, we took the opportunity to shoot it as we saw Joel Garcia and Ma-anne Roque also shooting the celebrations. We then proceeded to a temple and had a field day shooting. This was our last stop then we had a snack of pancit, dim sum and dumplings, oyster and radish cake and some black gulaman at President courtesy of Mariano Ong Tan Ka. I learned that he is also a Feng Shui master and shared with us some wisdom about the Chinese way.

Coming to a full circle, we ended the day back at the plaza shooting kids playing in the fountain. Some of us hitched a ride with Mike while Rosy and I with Ate Lea. We had a nightcap at Ate Lea’s place, sharing stories of the day’s chase.

The chase may be over but the search for the real gems in our treasure trove of photos is just about to start.