Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Framed Shots Goes to Sinulog Festival 2008

By Raneil Antonio Ibay, Published in the Manila Bulletin, "Picture Perfect", May 06, 2008 issue

Last Jan. 17 to 21, 2008, Framed Shots Camera Club went to Cebu to shoot the Sinulog Festival, the country’s biggest festival. It was a fun weekend of street dancing and paying homage to the Santo Niño.

The group was composed of Chito Cleofas, Noel Amata, Arnie Aranjuez, Rellie Lopez, Nick Olayao, Rose Razon, Edwin Loyola, Caloy Zamora, Willy Siy, Nowell Trinidad, Katherine Adriano, Gina Alcera, Michelle Baretto, Med Ferrer, Roselyn Roldan, Rosy Villasanta-Ibay and yours truly.

With a fiery sun blazing away in the morning and rains drenching everyone in the afternoon and the night, we nevertheless braved the elements and produced an exciting collection of images of the Sinulog Festival. Of course, nothing beats the experience of being there amid all the celebration.

Fresh from winning the FPPF’s 2007 Camera Club of The Year for the 5th straight year, Framed Shots Camera Club then held an exhibit of the Sinulog Festival 2008 at The FPPF Chamber, Fort Bonifacio, Intramuros, Manila throughout the month of March. What we presented in the exhibit was just a small glimpse of the revelry, merriment and the celebration of the Sinulog Festival. Pit Señor!

All images were printed on Lucky Paper with matte boards provided by Chie Zamora Frames and Photography.

Caloy Zamora

Edwin Loyola

Joey Yamane

Nick Olayao

Ning-ning Adriano

Nowell Trinidad

Raneil Ibay

Rellie Lopez

Roselyn Roldan

Rosy Villasanta-Ibay

Willy Siy