Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to be Invited in All-Expense Paid Trips thru FPPF

How to be Invited in All-Expense Paid Trips thru FPPF
WARNING: For FS consumption only!
By Rosy Villasanta-Ibay

One of the things I learned early in my life is that TRUST is earned; it is not automatically given.

In our position now as member-photographers of the FFPF, whose trust should we earn? Mrs. Huang’s, of course. Do you know who Mrs. Huang is? What she looks like?

For those who have no idea who she is, she is the grand old lady of FPPF, the force behind it, the Chairman.

 As to how she looks like, she sounds like a perpetual slow motion (hehe) if there is such a thing. Why earn her trust? So you would be one of the first she’d call when there are emergencies or calls for help but more importantly (as this is THE perk), when there are limited-only-all-expense paid trips for FPPF photographers. Logically, she would only call those she trusts, those she knows she could rely on, those she is sure would deliver the expected bacon. In short, yung mga subok na nya, mga kilala na nya. How could we earn her trust? Attend the monthly photocup judging regularly. Volunteer to help during FPPF activities such as the photocup monthly meetings, Photo World week every January, Photo Summit every August. Hang out in 
the FPPF office but be sure not to be a nuisance.

If you constantly win in photo contests, she’d remember your name from time to time or maybe, just maybe, it would ring a bell…. sometimes. But the key here is being constantly seen not just heard of. So that is the tale, actually the secret, how seven of us ended in Baler two weeks ago. 

Take note, if my counting ability is right on track, FS has the most number of members in Mrs. Huang’s phone list.

Side Note: Attending the Monthly Photocup Meeting

Aside from being retained in Mrs.Huang’s memory, what else would we get in attending the Photocup? Exposure. Awareness. Exposure to other camera clubs and their members, awareness on what goes on in the photography world outside of Framed Shots, a glimpse of what wins and what do not, how the judges judge (or misjudge hmmm), or simply knowing what goes on, what’s in, what’s not.

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