Saturday, May 8, 2010

Intramuros Is Indeed Forever

Intramuros Is Indeed Forever

By Raneil Antonio Ibay

Docu Photos by Nick Olayao

Framed Shots Camera Club members once again finished strongly in another photo contest. 2010 Chairman Nick Olayao placed 5th in the Intramuros is Forever Photo Contest. According to Mrs. Huang, FPPF Chairperson, this is a historical contest of sorts as never in the history of the FPPF did they receive so much enthusiasm for a photo contest; it garnered an astounding 2,497 entries.

Nick’s winning entry showed the domed towers of the Manila Cathedral framed in foliage and trees and shot in infrared. Worried that all his shots were shot in infrared (entries had to be in color), he didn’t process his shot so as to retain the mono-colored feel of the unprocessed infrared photo.

Framed Shots members who are among the Top 50 Finalists are Carlo Zamora and Gina Alcera. Carlo’s photo is of an old adobe building. He angled his handheld camera up a flight of steps littered with magenta colored flowers and popped a strobe fitted with warm gel and a radio trigger towards an arched doorway with another flight of steps leading up the building.

Gina on the other hand used the ornament of a horse carriage to frame a “gwardia civil” sitting in front of a table scribbling on a piece of paper, warm light coming in from an opened door from the right of the subject.

Looking at their photos, I felt like I was traveling back in time. It was as if Jose Rizal would pop out from one of the doors or windows in the photos. Intramuros is indeed forever as all their photos did exude certain nostalgia.

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