Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mike Sabarre - Touching Viewers’ Hearts

Mike Sabarre - Touching Viewers’ Hearts

by Yugel Losorata

Good photographs make heads turn. The great ones get past the scrutiny of the eyes and directly hit the viewers’ heart.

Thirty-three- year-old hobbyist Michael Raymund Sabarre has that mindset

each time he shoots. He believes that an image with a heart stands out longer than a purely intriguing picture. “An effective photograph,” he points out, “is one that touches the heart of the vie

wer. One can never forget a photograph if he can feel what is being expressed within that single frame.”

Going over Sabarre’s portfolio should convince one that he knows what he is saying. The photos linger in the mind long after the stare. He mixes beauty with reality in his shots and the result, more often than not, is visually fascinating. He does not specialize in one subject since he counts on what amazes him.

Coming straight from his mouth, he mentions that he shoots anything from people to details, patterns, or anything that makes a place unique.

This Manila-born lensman has done industrial shoots, weddings, debuts, events, and portraits. His love for traveling obviously makes him delve into shooting places. According to him, the best thing about being a photographer is the ability to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments as they unfold in your very eyes. It satisfies him endlessly knowing that he has the gift in showing other people how he sees certain images.

Sabarre’s passion for photography dates back to his elementary days where he used to hold a camera during out-of-town trips. He had this autofocus instamatic camera back then, with his dad always reminding him to shoot people. His fascination for human-interest scenes developed almost immediately.

In 2005, he finally got a Nikon D70 and the equipment pushed him to learn more the technical aspects of the craft. Two

years later, he found himself joining “photo walks” where he met other hobbyists. He learned post-processing techniques from friends Jon Aguirre and Dinno Sandoval, but without sacrificing his natural understanding about visual art.

“As a photographer, I have met great people from whom I have learned a lot. Now I am committed to bringing photography closer to the hearts of beginners, intermediates, and professionals alike by organizing specialized workshops and seminars to further the growth of Filipino photographers,” he discloses.

At present, he is organizing workshops to help photographer- friends Carlo Carlos, Borj Meneses, Caloy Zamora, Chito Cleofas, among others.

In 2008, Sabarre joined the Framed Shots Camera Club where he is now one of the club’s board members. That same year, he ended up as finalist for the well-acknowledged Epson photo contest. He got even better last year when he became one of only four Filipinos who made it to the finals of a DC Magazine UK-spearheaded competition last year. He placed 8th in the Photoworld Cup’s “Bayan Ko” theme.

A friendly guy who also loves cooking, Sabarre, who grew up in Noveleta Cavite, assures that he is in good mood every time he carries his camera. “Only a photographer with a clear mind and open heart can capture good images,” he shares.

He has also a clear vision as he expects to spend a lifetime as a lensman. “My ultimate goal is to help bring the community of Filipino photographers closer together – the bonds to form and the passing of knowledge to happen; to bridge the gap between the old and new, the conventional and unorthodox; and to ensure that the spirit and creativity embodied in Philippine photography should live on.”

Indeed, photography has captured the heart of Michael Sabarre as illustrated in his impressive portfolio and his passion for the art.

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