Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Gifts Series 4: JP Sarmenta / One Man Show

"I am a restless soul, painting the world with its light and shadow...."

There is a surprise waiting for anyone willing to see the world in monochrome. In draining the colour of my photographs, I have worked, fashioned, shaped and infused them with a new life. Everything comes in grades and shades of darkness and light - I play with their constant struggle and simply let them define who I am.

Photography is my ultimate form of self-expression and art. It allows me to unleash my emotions, let them loose. My art and heart flow together. The oceans of sorrow and loneliness raging deep within that define my existence right now, I can only explain through my images. I am finding catharsis, and yes, happiness, in all that photography entails.

I adamantly believe that art, beyond emotions, should be elevated into the realm of thought. I want my black and whites to provoke thinking, and maybe, just maybe, lead you to action, whatever that may be. Then I will have completely fulfilled this black and white universe.

"I am most free with my art in my right hand and with heart in the other."

Opening Night
6:oo pm / Wednesday
13th August 2008

Philamlife East Side Lobby
Philamlife Building
United Nations Avenue, Ermita

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